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People’s University of Kočevje

Full name: People’s University of Kočevje
Abbreviation: PUK


The mission of the People’s University of Kočevje is adult education, promoting human resource development and raising the population’s level of education. The main purpose is to cooperate with the local community, business partners and the Slovenian public institutions as well as involvement in international projects.

We carry out a variety of formal and informal education programs that are designed to suit children, youth, adults and the elderly. Programmes provide the possibility of integration of all residents in the process of lifelong learning.

In recent years, the activities of the People’s University of Kočevje were primarily project-oriented, i.e. connecting with local, national and foreign partners and successfully realizing project ideas.

The People’s University of Kočevje carries out projects that contribute to an increase of family literacy, sustainable development and nature conservation, improve literacy of specific ethnic group of Roma, introduce new adult educational programmes and improve the integration of vulnerable groups in the local environment.

The People’s University of Kočevje participates in all project activities as a coordinator and is responsible for the implementation of project actions.

With the help of external contractors the People’s University of Kočevje will develop a website in the Slovenian and English language which will be regularly updated with the latest content and all significant events of the project.

The People’s University of Kočevje will be responsible for the training of teachers of forest pedagogy. Teachers will also participate in raising the awareness of the youth and adults living in the Natura 2000 Kočevsko site. The People’s University of Kočevje will arrange and equip learning paths with teaching accessories and scale models.

Awareness-raising among residents of Kočevska. In the Kočevska Reka area there will be learning paths tours. The visits will be organised to created didactic toys and designed models of the project’s target species. For this purpose, the People’s University of Kočevje will appropriately equip the “Eagle room” in Kočevska Reka, offices and two workshop rooms for educational use and raising awareness of visitors.

The People’s University of Kočevje coordinates the promotion, which will be implemented throughout the project. There will be promotional material created and published on the project website. The People’s University of Kočevje will cooperate in public announcements and results regarding the project and will co-produce the online mini book – laymans report in Slovenian and English language.

  • Maja Rupnik
  • Barbara Mavrin
  • Jasna Mladenović
  • Sofija Šabić

Project expert assistant: Maja Rupnik

T: +386 1 89 38 273

Project coordinator: Barbara Mavrin

T: +386 51 433 566

Project coordinator: Jasna Mladenović

T: +386 51 433 566




People’s University of Kočevje

Trg zbora odposlancev 30, 1330 Kočevje
T: +386 1 893 82 70
F: +386 1 893 82 75