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the Lodge at Jelenov’s Well

Published on 13. 1. 2015 under Cultural attractions
the Lodge at Jelenov’s Well

The Jelenja vas village is situated in the heart of the karst Poljanska dolina valley above the Kolpa river, by the Brezovica – Stari trg ob Kolpi road.

The brook with the bottom pond (sometimes two ponds – the top one is now still filled up) is located 100 m from the Kočevje – Predgrad road on the left side of the entry to Jelenja vas village. The construction works on the brook were first begun in 1863 and it served as a water supply for livestock. In the summer kids were swimming in the pond, in winter time they were ice-skating, and women were doing the laundry on the rocks at the pond.

In 2002, the Municipality of Kočevje with the help of the financial assets of Helios   carried out the restoration of the well with a pond.