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The visit of the Czech Inspectorate representatives for nature

Published on 23. 9. 2015 under News
The visit of the Czech Inspectorate representatives for nature

On 23.9.2015 our project team hosted representatives of Czech Environmental Inspectorate, Nature protection department –

Introduction took place in Eagle’s room in Kočevska Reka, where we introduced our guests to project environment, project activities and individual partner organizations. We proceeded with a full day tour of project area, on which we were accompanied by district forester from Slovenia Forestry Service Ms. Mirjam Mikulič, who has excellent knowledge of the project area and local issues. We began with a boat ride on the Kočevska Reka Lake, where we observed the white-tailed eagle habitat, presented planned activities and discussed plans for integrated development of the area as an exclusive, nature friendly tourist destination. Boat ride was enriched by sighting of one of the two white-tailed eagles that inhabit the area. For a while it was sitting peacefully on top of a spruce three above the lake, before gliding gracefully over the hillside.

Next, we headed to Borovec or Draga, where we toured the habitat of the Hazel grouse and presented planned activities and measures aimed improvement of the habitat (maintenance of scrub pastures and forest edges). We presented the transect method of Hazel grouse recording, on which we agreed is very demanding and requires a lot of experience to yield good results.

We then headed to the Borovec nature trail (, which runs under the Krokar virgin forest.  At the peripheral zone of the forest we observed the target species, white-backed and three-toed woodpeckers with our guests. We discussed the importance of a virgin forest as endangered species habitat and the importance of dead plant material for the ecosystem.  Using a smart phone and a portable speaker, we showed them a method we use for recording woodpeckers. We met a herd of Chamois and admired beautiful views of the river Kolpa valley.

Enjoying beautiful sights on the way through Osilnica and Kostel our tour concluded in Kočevje.