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Published on 12. 1. 2015 under Kočevska

The Kolpa River leaves no one unmoved. Since 2010, it boasts with the title of European Destination of Excellence.

Clean and warm water of the Kolpa River reaches the temperature of 30 degrees Celsius in its lower stream. Experience the canoeing, bathing and swimming! The rapids invite you to treat yourselves with natural massage and relaxation. A deep riverbed and playful rapids promise the exciting experience of rafting. There are hiking trails and cycling routes along the Kolpa River. The canyon of the Kolpa River and surrounding hills attract climbers and paragliders. Lush life of the river is true bait for anglers. A unique green beauty flowing close the national border promises unforgettable time in and on the water!

Kólpa (CRO. Kupa, in Bela Krajina Kóupa) is a border river between Slovenia and Croatia, the right tributary of the Sava River in Croatia. It rises from a strong Karst spring in Gorski Kotar in Croatia, flows on to the north and 118 km along the Slovenia-Croatia border, mostly through a narrow, wooded valley. East of Preloka it turns north, flows along the eastern edge of Bela Krajina, before turning east at Metlika, flows through low bushes pass Karlovac and falls into the Sava River a stone’s throw away from Sisak.  The Kolpa river basin is frequently called Pokolpje (Cro. Pokuplje).

Its larger tributaries are ČabrankaLahinjaKupčina, Odra, Kupica, DobraKorana, Velika Utinja, Trepča and Glina.

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