LIFE13 NAT/SI/000314
Natural hiking trails

The Kozice forest hiking trail – the Great hiking trail

Published on 16. 2. 2015 under Natural hiking trails
Starting point Predgrad (374 m) or Dol (190 m)
Difficulty Medium
Length 14 km
Estimated time 5-6 h
Trail type marked
Max. altitude 850m
Difference in altitude 660 m

Trail description

The Great hiking trail starts in Predgrad or in Dol ob Kolpi. It takes the opposite direction as the Lesser trail, leading pass the Kozice slope, abandoned vineyards and precipitous walls all the way to the deserted villages of Hreljin and then pass Špičasti vrh to Laze. The trail, passing Peklenski hrib, the chapel and Goli hrib, is full of remains of lonely homes and a Roman road speaking of the past.