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The Prelesnikov Koliševka virgin forest

Published on 13. 1. 2015 under Kočevska
The Prelesnikov Koliševka virgin forest

It boasts with interesting vegetation usually found in high mountains or in the far north.

Due to its inaccessibility and sinkhole features, the collapsed doline preserved characteristic vegetation of the cold eras of our history. There are mild climate plants at the top and cold climate plants growing at the bottom where a 70 m deep doline is pleasantly cool also in the middle of summer. There are spruce trees with narrow, long tree crowns, typical of high mountain and the north, growing in the doline .

The cave, called also the Bear’s den, is supposedly a home of bears, but due to the cold climate it is unlikely so. However, wild animals often find their refuge in the cool collapsed doline, particularly during the so called dog days. Apart from trees, the botanists found also a great number of mosses and lichens untypical for the warm micro-climate. Due to potential encounters with wild animals, and in particular due to disturbances caused by visitors, it is recommended that the collapsed doline is viewed from the top – from the precipice we can admire a unique natural feature.