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Report on cleaning the cave Smetljiva jama

Published on 14. 4. 2017 under News
Report on cleaning the cave Smetljiva jama

The cleaning of the cave Smetljiva jama near the Stojna Hill was carried out on Saturday and Sunday, the 8th and 9th of April, by the cavers from Društvo za raziskovanje jam Ljubljana. On Sasturday, the team consisted of 12 people. First they cleaned almost 100 kg of animal disposals with extremely strong stench, using a special equipment (more in photo story). After that they could start on the real work.

On Sasturday, they continued with manual cleaning but realized the work could not be finished that way. Next morning they were joined by 16 cavers and used a trencher to finish the cleaning.

They have filed six 5 m3 waste containers, one of them only with animal disposals. The cave is now clean and the entrance will be closed so as to prevent the renewed disposal of waste and contamination of the site.

To learn more look at the photo story below:

News prepared by Občina Kočevje