LIFE13 NAT/SI/000314
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Published on 15. 10. 2015 under Nerazvrščeno @en

By submitting an application authors confirm and agree, that the organizer of the exhibition can use the works that the jury picks for use in projects publications, web sites and/or any other promotional material linked to project LIFE Kočevsko activities, nature conservation or any other regular activity of any partner organization without requiring further authorisation by the author.

We reserve the right to publish selected pictures in any medium for purposes of promotion of the LIFE Kočevsko project. LU Kočevje will use award winning pictures with authors’ details for promotion of the project on paper or digital medium, to present the project in 2016/17 calendar, to make postcards with pictures of target species, to design leaflets and promotional block and other promotional material, exhibitions, web site of the project ( and Facebook profile of the project (

Selected photos are subject to special agreement between the organizer and the author. The author agrees that pictures can be published in digital and/or printed media and that they are not entitled to any further compensation.

Organizer and sponsor of the contest will publish author details in all future publications.