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Workshop on »forestry and hunting situation in Kočevsko area«

Published on 18. 3. 2015 under News
Workshop on »forestry and hunting situation in Kočevsko area«

Second in series of workshops on forestry and hunting sectors was held on March 18th in order to gather various interests, aspects and sugestions of key stakeholders in relevant sectors in the area. Workshop was attended by over 40 participants mainly from forrestry, hunting and conservation sectors.

Attendees were presented with general information on the project as well as expert study on state of forrests and wildlife in Kočevje area, made by Slovenia forrest service, department Kočevje. Attendees were also presented with execution of concrete conservational actions aimed to improve habitat conditions and consequently establish favorable conditions for endangered species from grouse (capercaillie and hazel grouse) and woodpecker (three-toed and white back) families. Workshop was divided in  four groups. The goal was to encourage attendees to take stances towards concrete project actions, recognize key sinergies ,potential conflicts of interests and suggest potential coordinated solutions.

In the last part of the workshop, attendees were introduced to development documents of the region (2014-2020) as well as existing and planned development initiatives in Kočevska area. We endavoured to complement and upgrade existing initiatives regarding potentials in hunting and forrestry sectors in cooperation with attendees. Besides aquiring numerous valuable oppinions and points of view, the workshop also contributed in developing trust and cooperation amongst representatives of institutions and other stakeholders in developing Kočevje area.

Extended report will be published in Gradiva tab.


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