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Setting up the white-tailed eagle nest survilance system

Published on 14. 11. 2016 under News
Setting up the white-tailed eagle nest survilance system

On Monday, 17.10.2016 we started setting up the surveillance system of the white-tailed eagle nest near Kočevska Reka. This is one of activities within Action C4 aimed at improving white-tailed eagle habitat and population.

Surveillance system is an innovative system produced by an external expert 3BIT – Tehnološke rešitve, Anton Bizjak s.p. which was technologically challenging. The guiding principles were: to make sure the system will not disturb the only pair of white-tailed eagle nesting in this area; the system has to endure all climatic conditions; the system has to be hidden from the potential passers-by.

On the first day a camera for filming the nest was set up on the nearby tree with the help of a climber, employees of ZGS and Anton Bizjak . Additional camera was set up for surveillance of the surroundings of the nest for potential disturbance in the area.

The surveillance system will enable monitoring of activity in the nest and thus give important information about this rare and endangered species. Furthermore, the livestream will be available on the project website to serve as dissemination and promotion of this species among wider public which is important for long term conservation of this species.

News written by Zavod za gozdove Slovenije, OE Kočevje