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Testing of remote nest camera

Published on 20. 9. 2016 under News
Testing of remote nest camera

On Friday, September the 9th, we tested remote camera system wich will be placed at the top of the white-tailed eagle nest tree in Kočevska Reka. Surveillance over nest falls within the scope of activities of the project Action C4 (Improving the habitat and population of white-tailed eagle).

Stand-alone system for video recording of the nest includes high-resolution camera, which allows the trigger recording by motion detection, a timer or a remote command and switch to day / night operation. There is no public electricity grid on the site of the nest, so the electricity is being produced on the spot by the photovoltaic panels and stored in batteries, which power the whole system. The system, which was developed and established by 3 Bit d.o.o company, also supports at least two video streams (MultiStream); one high-resolution for internal storage and one low resolution for the purpose of Livestream . Communication with the system takes place wirelessly (5GHz) via directional antennas between the location of the camera and the ZGS unit at Kočevska Reka.

The trial of the system is a step prior to exact site installation, where it will perform surveillance of the white-tailed eagle nest. Since the system must be safe, smooth and unobtrusive for surroundings – while stable irrespective of the weather conditions, we will test its capabilities in the next few weeks.

The main purpose of the system is namely to protect the nest. Possible events that will take place will be devoted to exploring life of this rare and protected animal species. Through the “Livestream” connection though, whole action from the nest will also be available to the general public on the Internet or on big screen at Orlova soba (The Eagle Room) in Kočevska Reka.

News writen by: Zavod za gozdove Slovenije, OE Kočevje