LIFE13 NAT/SI/000314
Hiking trails

The Daffodils hiking trail

Published on 16. 2. 2015 under Hiking trails
Starting point Kočevska Reka (560 m)
Difficulty Medium
Length 12km
Estimated time 4-5h
Trail type Not marked
Max. altitude 866m
Difference in altitude 350m

Trail description

The trail leads us from Kočevska Reka to the most obscured parts of a former closed area of Kočevska Reka. It offers an insight into the past and current forest management, charcoal-burning, steam sawmill operation, individual examples of tree, bush and plant species and animals. The trail also passes the Korkar virgin forest. The trail is the most beautiful in spring when a white daffodil blanket covers Krempa.