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The Krokar virgin forest

Published on 13. 1. 2015 under Kočevska
The Krokar virgin forest

The Borovec nature trail passes through the Krokar virgin forest. Conserved, beech virgin forest stands are covered with wild garlic in the spring time.
The Krokar virgin forest is the kingdom of beech tree. However, the ecosystem is continuously changing the balance between the soil, climate and numerous live organisms – from the microscopic organisms to bears and trees which form the basis of the virgin forest and a living skin of the high Karst forest.

The Krokar virgin forest covers 74.49 ha. Every 10 years, all trees with their diameter over 10 cm are measured. The 1995 data: on the whole virgin forest surface there is 38,734 still growing and measurable dead trees (the fir prevails, since it decays slowly). The total tree volume is 59,968 m3.

The tree cover of the virgin forest is two or even three times thicker than in the surrounding forest. This stored energy is constantly, safely and effectively renewing itself. The energy is constantly changing its form and the old and new life is woven into a sustainable and healthy system.

The comparison of tree volume by decades indicated that the virgin forest is however changing. The beech tree prevails, but the measurements show the variation in tree species shares, while the total tree volume – accumulated energy – remains practically the same.