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Education day for professional staff of forestry companies

Published on 13. 2. 2015 under News
Education day for professional staff of forestry companies

Transmition of knowledge is cruical.

After series of lectures and workshops aimed mostly at the employed district foresters and district hunters at Kočevje and Novo mesto departments of Slovenian forest service, on 13.2.2014 foresters employed at private companies Gozdarstvo Grča d.d., Snežnik d.d., Kočevska reka, Gozdno gospodarstvo Novo mesto d.d. and Farmland and Forest Fund of the Republic of Slovenia regional departments Kočevje and Novo mesto, sat down at the table as a team.

Transfer of knowledge and information to leading employees, who perform work   in  national forests included in Natura 2000 Kočevsko project area is cruicial. It’s only execution of actual work in the field (forest) that closes the circle that runs from knowing the species, their ecological demands, knowing the forest  to proper management of it.

We introduced projectg LIFE Kočevsko to 22 experts, main part of education however was spent to introduce projects target species, their ecological needs and predicted actions in the forrest aimed at improving habitatual situation and consequently conditions of target sprecies withing C2, C3, C4 project actions.