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Observing the activities of white-tailed eagle

Published on 16. 8. 2016 under News
Observing the activities of white-tailed eagle

Within the frame of action C4 activities (Improving the habitat and population of white-tailed eagle) we established surveillance of the white-tailed eagle pair in the wider area of Kočevska Reka and its lake. We are interested in the amount of time the pair spends at the lake and whether they fish in the lake. We are also monitoring human activities in the lake area such as hiking, fishing, photography, sports as potential source of human disturbance for this shy species. We also developed a questionnaire for local residents to gather their views of human disturbances in the wider lake area. Obtained information will improve our knowledge of activities within the lake area and serve as the basis for finding solutions of potential disturbing activities for the white tailed eagle.

News writen by: Zavod za gozdove Slovenije, OE Kočevje