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Cave fauna

The Eleonorina jama cave

Published on 13. 1. 2015 under Cave fauna

In the close vicinity of the Strmec virgin forest on the south-western slope of Ledenik (1072), at the altitude of 960 m there lies the entrance to the Eleonorina jama cave. The cave was named after the wife of the Prince of Auersperg. Supposedly, she was Eleonora the countess of Breunner (1864-1920), a wife of the Prince Karl, the last Duke of Kočevje and the owner of the surrounding forests.

The Eleonorina jama cave is a real opposite to the Ledena jama cave in Stojna due to its small entrance which limits the climate impact and prevents the stalactite decline. For this reason, the entrance was closed and the cave was given a tourism function already in 1926. The passage through the cave is mitigated by wooden steps, footbridge and stone-carved stairs. The cave was pretty popular before the Second World War. Foresters restored their water supplies and preserved shoots for reforestation. Today, it is not safe for visitors due to its deteriorated footbridges and slippery steps.

The Eleonorina jama cave is 130 m long and 25 m deep. The entrance of 2 x 1 m leads over a steep rocky slope to the wooden footbridge and steps which provide an entrance to a small chamber. The short tunnel with wooden steps is followed by the Great chamber which is beautifully sintered with a 8 m x 3 m large and 6 m deep pool at the far beck. Left from the pool, it leads through carved steps along the slope of big sinter formation. A passage to a more demanding part over a 10 m deep chasm leads us to a chamber with a small pool and 3 m high stalactites – The Three Column Chamber. To the right the chamber opens to a 13 m deep chasm and a 10 m long water channel.