LIFE13 NAT/SI/000314
Hiking trails

The Great Kočevje Alpine trail

Published on 16. 2. 2015 under Hiking trails
Starting point Mountain cottage Koča pri Jelenovem Studencu (850 m)
Difficulty hard
Length 130 km
Estimated time 120 ur
Trail type marked
Max. altitude 1289m
Difference in altitude 1081m

Trail description

The first part of the Great Kočevje Alpine trail coincides with the Lesser, before taking its direction along the edges of Borovška and Goteniška Gora to Goteniški Snežnik and Medvedjak, Sušni Vrh and dilapidated Glažuta forestry centre through Grčarice to Jasnica and on the peaks of Stojna back to the cottage.
A great part of the trail runs across the High Karst, so you will feel a powerful Karstation of the land and come across many sinkholes, rocky sinks, basins, walls and caves.
The whole trail is well-marked, and equipped with signposts. There is also a booklet of Kočevje Alpine trail with the map on its backside.