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The Lake Kočevje

Published on 13. 1. 2015 under Kočevska
The Lake Kočevje

The Lake Kočevje is one of the cleanest lakes in Slovenia and offers many options to relax your body and soul.

The artificial lake formed between 1973 and 1978. Initially there were two large ponds at the bottom of the opencast mining pit of the Kočevje brown coal mine. The so called Rudniški potok brook flew from the mine filling the ponds with water before disappearing underground and flowing in the other mine brook into a single flow. Water was pumped out of the ponds during the coal excavations and used in the screening facility for coal washing.

Together with the cessation of coal excavations also the re-pumping of water stopped causing the pit to be filled with water.

The lake is 40 m deep, its surface measures 1.5 km2 with the coast line about 3 km.

Today, different animal and plant species live in its surroundings. The Lake Kočevje area is a nesting place for numerous bird species, many of which are also included on the Slovenia’s Red list of endangered nesting birds. At the far northern side of the lake there is a pine forest which represents a unique habitat in the Kočevska region. Vegetation around the lake is also very lush and can be easily admired by taking a walk on a three kilometres long nature trail winding pass all major features of the lake and giving a truly remarkable views of the landscape.

The lake is regarded as a great angling destination. The Kočevje Fishing Society manages the Lake Kočevje; the price for a one-day carp fishing license (24h) is 20 EUR, while a three-day license (72h) will cost you 50 EUR. Licenses can be purchased at the cafe near the lake. The carp fishing with two fishing rods and night fishing is allowed, while you can also rent a boat for sounding and securing a buoy.

In summer, the lake is also an attractive destination for everyone who enjoys swimming, surfing, boating, diving, and angling, while in the winter time it offers the great scenery for ice-skating.