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Experience Kočevsko Forest with the White-Tailed Eagle

Published on 1. 9. 2017 under News
Experience Kočevsko Forest with the White-Tailed Eagle

LIFE Kočevsko project focuses on conservation of multiple target species that inhabit Natura 2000 Kočevsko area. Among them, the most charismatic has to be the white-tailed eagle. Many conservation measures have been implemented in order to preserve and enrich the habitat for the nesting pair in Kočevska Reka.

The vicinity of the nesting area is being kept undisturbed by steering major visitor flows to the nearby areas where since 2016, thorough preparations are underway to establish a forest trail that informs the visitors about the life of the white-tailed eagles of Kočevsko. At the same time, the trail offers a place for quiet walks and spending quality time in nature.  The trail will be open for visitors once the restoration of the dam (entry point of the forest reserve “Jezero”) is finished.

Despite the currently inconvenient approach to the Eagle trail, the first forest pedagogics and nature interpretation workshop took place last week of August.  The aim of the workshop was to introduce the preschool, primary and high school teachers to independently interpret the trail and use the info boards and didactic aids for their teaching process.

The participants, that are part of 11 separate educational institutions of Kočevska, Ribnica and Suha Krajina, took to the workshop with great enthusiasm. The second rendition will primarily focus on professionals in the field and people employed in the tourist industry. It is planned for April next year.

A couple of snapshots of the workshop in the gallery below.


News and photo by Adult Education Center Kočevje.