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Education Day at the Slovenia Forestry Service, RU Kočevje

Published on 16. 12. 2014 under News
Education Day at the Slovenia Forestry Service, RU Kočevje

In the scope of the A2 action the education day was organised for all foresters working at the SFS, Kočevje RU and hunters of the Medved special purpose hunting district.

A team consisting of Kočevje Regional Unit and IRSNC members presented general content, purposes and objectives of the project. The main focus of the Education Day was reserved for the introduction of the project target species: Western capercaillie, Eurasian three-toed woodpecker, White-backed woodpecker, White-tailed eagle, habitat type of the karst cave and proteus. Mirko Perušek presented environmental requirements of each bird species and their habitats and introduced and described in detail the nature conservation measures to be implemented in the scope of the project that will provide more favourable or improve the existing habitat conditions of each species.

Andrej Hudoklin also gave a more detailed description of the karst cave habitat type and proteus, and highlighted the issue of karst ground pollution which has been for decades now present in the Kočevsko polje.

The Education Day concluded with an exchange of views, a QA session and finally with the book presentation Pragozd by our colleague Tomaž Hartman.