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Monitoring of work progress in state owned forests

Published on 24. 11. 2017 under News
Monitoring of work progress in state owned forests

On 10 November 2017, SFS Kočevje and Recinko d.o.o. (the contractor for state-owned forest measures implementation) representatives met to discuss the dynamics of the works carried out in the forest.

We found that the current progress and work process dynamics makes it unlikely for the contractor to meet the deadline. We agreed to increase the number of operating teams both in tree girdling and feeding fences implementation.

Snow is persistently holding on to the trees (at higher altitudes, it had already fallen on November 10). Snow makes it difficult to access certain locations and individual trees for girdling. Logging is too dangerous at the time, therefore the work in the forest has stopped completely. We hope the weather conditions will improve in weeks to follow and we will be able to continue working in the forest as soon as possible.

News and photo by SFS Kočevje.