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Published on 5. 2. 2016 under News
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We recently published 2 short Youtube videos about hazel grouse and western capercaillie habitat analysis in Natura 2000 Kočevsko area. Trail cameras were set to record potentitial nest predators, as well as visitors of  14 sand baths, set for grouse.



The second experiment tested the level of ground nest depredation in the vicinity of wildlife feeding grounds. 150 simulated ground nests (2 chicken eggs and 1 polystyrene egg) were set near 5 feeding grounds, where animals are regularly fed with corn. Depredation occurred in 58 % of the nests.

12 ground nests were additionally monitored with an IR camera. Predation occurred in 9 out of 12 surveyed nests (7 by martins and 2 by badgers).


News written by SFS Kočevje.