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Establishing 20 ha eco-cells in privately owned forests

Published on 21. 12. 2016 under News
Establishing 20 ha eco-cells in privately owned forests

Basic requirement for survival of every species is food and for white-backed woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucotos) and three-toed woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus) feed on larvae of wood-boring beetles living in dead and dying trees. Therefore adequate amount of such trees is necessary for long-term existence of these two rare bird species. Setting aside forest plots of great importance for conservation is a measure with the aim of establishing eco-cells of forest where accumulation of dead-wood biomass is high. Dead-wood accumulates because no felling or other removal of trees is allowed for a designated period of time.

In addition to 100 ha of eco-cells in state-owned forests we will establish 20 ha of eco-cells in privately owned forests. After surveying several options we selected an area near stream Nežica in GGE Kolpska dolina, close to which presence of white-backed woodpecker was confirmed in 2015.

On Wednesday, 21.12.2016 we organised a meeting in Kočevska Reka with owners of the selected plots. We presented activities and aims of the project action B1 and the administrative procedure for contract signing. Owners agreed to signing the contract and the procedure was initiated.

For these activities leader of the Regional Unit Kočevska Reka and the regional forester dedicated a lot of their time and efforts for which we are especially grateful.

News prepared by ZGS, OE Kočevje.