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New forest road barriers within grouse quiet zones

Published on 5. 1. 2018 under News
New forest road barriers within grouse quiet zones

Based on hazel grouse and western capercaillie ecology, guidelines for active conservation of the two species were prepared within LIFE Kočevsko project. One of the concrete actions improving their habitat involves limited access of motor vehicles to areas, important for the two species. Therefore, 20 forest road sections within grouse quiet zones were recently closed by road barriers.

Based on the argument, that quiet zone establishment is only possible with cooperation of all stake-holders, decision was made to let the gates unlocked. We would like to appeal all users of the roads to respect the barriers and share information with all interested parties. Each barrier is equipped with a special road sign, informing visitors about why the barrier is placed there.

The forests of Kočevsko are vast and exceptional. Visitors can always find space or plan their visit at a time when their presence will not interrupt any of the endangered species living there.

News written by LIFE Kočevsko project team at SFS Kočevje