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Establishing quiet zone for capercaillie

Published on 23. 12. 2016 under News
Establishing quiet zone for capercaillie

According to results of LIFE Kočevsko survey in 2015 capercaillie is very rare within Natura 2000 Kočevsko. Bird droppings were found on only one of the surveyed leks of this species. Cepercaillie is very sensitive to human disturbance such as traffic on forest roads, recreation and logging especially in winter (animals are saving their energy resources) and spring (reproduction). Therefore our conservation activities for reduction of human disturbance focused on areas important for this species.

On the basis of survey carried out in 2015 we identified 3813 hectare core zone for capercaillie in Natura 2000 Kočevsko. Within it we focused on smaller 150 – 300 hectare central areas encompassing one or more potentially active leks which together form “the quiet zone” covering an area of 1794 hectares. Conservation activities such as signposted feeding fences and planting of fruit-bearing forest tree species will be concentrated in these central areas.

To establish a quiet zone 20 dead-end forest roads will be closed for traffic by road barriers and appropriate signs. In addition 20 information and traffic routing boards will inform and educate users of these areas about the presence and requirements of this rare species. The newly established system will not impede tree harvesting activities.

News prepared by ZGS, OE Kočevje.